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Technical Advisors on Films - Who They Are and What They Do

Richard Romano

The brother of Ray Romano of Everybody Loves Raymond fame, New York City resident Richard Romano has built his own entertainment career as the writer and a star of the film The Investigator. Formerly an NYPD police sergeant and a teacher, Richard Romano also served as a technical advisor on the 2013 film, which centers on the life of a police officer turned high school teacher.

In the world of film, technical advisors draw upon their expertise in a particular field to ensure scenes and settings maintain a level of authenticity. Technical advisors often begin their work while a script is being drafted. During this stage, they may advise filmmakers that, for instance, an element of a script is inaccurate or not true to life.

Technical advisors may also continue providing assistance to a production until its completion. They may even collaborate with actors, helping the performers to develop an understanding of their characters and providing guidance in areas like body language and speech. Other roles of a technical advisor include making suggestions about wardrobes and props.
Technical advisors can come from a variety of fields and typically consult with filmmakers on a part-time basis. In many cases, they also appear in the films on which they have worked.

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