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“Parable Cop” Highlights a Message of Unity and Acceptance

Richard Romano

A former member of the New York Police Department (NYPD) in New York City, Richard Romano has built a successful career in the entertainment industry. Since serving as a screenplay writer, actor, and producer on the successful film The Investigator, Richard Romano has leveraged his writing experience to create the screenplay for Parable Cop.

At the surface level, Parable Cop may seem like a film that focuses primarily on the themes of father/son relationships and substance abuse. However, looking deeper at the film’s plot line will reveal an underlying message of acceptance and unity.
The film, which is based on real-life events, follows the story of NYPD officer James Fontana after his superiors compel him to resign from his position. After looking to secure his 17-year-old son, Robert, a position at a halfway home called Hope House, James accepts a position as an assistant manager at the behest of Frank, his brother and owner of the home.
The men of Hope House, each of whom have a history of alcohol or drug addiction, take an instant dislike to James because of his former work as a police officer. It is only by participating in the men’s various group sessions that he slowly begins to connect with them and help them see him as more than a cop. In the end, James divulges to them the true reason why he had to leave his job with the NYPD. Punctuating this plot is the message of tolerance and inclusion for people of different religions and races and an antithesis to the idea of societal division.

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